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It's good to have this place

Posted by girls_are_kittens on Friday, April 03 2020 at 07:10:25AM

I've been bumping into a lot of weird shit regarding pedos lately. Seen a lot of people adopting the term "MAP," and a lot of them obviously being fake, just trying to trap others, but it's interesting to see that term taking off. Personally, I prefer "kind," which I find funny that I have recently seen a lot of clothing marketed towards little girls that say things like "be kind." Already am, kiddo, come on over! Seen a lot of people attacking kind folks as well lately. Seen minors admitting to having relationships with guys older than them (not even big age gaps) and talking about how they made huge mistakes and they've learned their lesson and now attack anyone who so much as compliments someone under 18.

It's just nice to have this place available to visit and talk and know that even though there are probably people lurking (and probably even posting) who hate my guts and hope that I die horribly because of feelings I can't control, there's still so much love and support here. You guys are an additional family to me. I appreciate you all.

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