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Routine business...

Posted by jd420 on Wednesday, April 01 2020 at 07:06:24AM

accused of beating two convicted child molesters to death with a cane

This is flagrant bloods/vice lords propaganda.

Apparently, you're a little touchy about the "boylove" and "babylove" thing, and while this had something to do with other prisoners' behavior, it had absolutely nothing to do with watching odd squad?

I... feel for you, princess. However, if that's how you handle it, you're still getting stomped the fuck out. Literally no one on earth would shed a tear if every bloods set south of Lane county, Oregon and north of Los Angeles county, California, were put kill-on-sight, and chances are pretty decent that non-LK people nation sets west of Wisconsin share a similar fate. Meanwhile, you're both judged on a "boylove-supporting communism such that p is for pansexual" basis, because I've got those and it's the basic expectation of everyone.

So, no. No real sympathy.

Meanwhile, you've thrown yourself into a few things. First, around '03, some hostile parties began surfacing in southern costal alaska - the state, in case you're wondering. You just threw yourself into that, and btw, there was a huge swing at northern cali around the benghazi attacks or so. The norteno gangs seem to have mostly noticed. The folk gangs in the area seem to have noticed. The white-identified gangs that associate with those two (aka "anything that remains standing north of LA county") noticed.

You just successfully threw yourself as the prime enemy of the nearest three continents. How can you call yourself a street gang if you don't pay attention?

Last but not least, the location you threw this announcement from scares the rest of the planet that some of your dumber members will eventually figure out what "mo te oka" means. Let's just say you're getting dumped before they are.

So, welcome to the block, it's my land personally for a looong ways. Happy 401, btw. We'll see how it goes from here on out - unless the nearby continents think that what you are and what you stepped in actually are the same.

in less provincial news...

...recent history from about Bout forward pretty much establishes... that this is just New York, and all you have to do to respond is to fuck up New York. As far as the charges go, frankly, if it were true, it would just be a beneficial thing leading to the dilution of the cocaine-trafficking group that Trump, y'know...

...shot at and trafficked several thousand native american children for. I understand the whole fascination with sexy, sexy native american children, but ffs, just offer candy at the playground so they can say yes or no.

Yes, the fed did that, all as a side gig to making sure the flow of cocaine from south africa to florida (with a small stop on the way) had no competition from something that, you know, should instead be favored under monroe.

...buuut... that just brings us back to New York. It's shown us its role in federal corruption a lot since Bout. Has a rather interesting history between prohibition and the end of WWII, also.

We... should probably get to work on swiftly dropping its population down to zero in a blink - something you can propose at town meeting, btw. I mean, the bombing, the bioterror attack... just because it didn't happen in your state doesn't mean it wasn't a direct attack on you by incursion, and it's not hard to link a lot of other terror incidents.


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