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2020.03.31 Lockdown fun. Poll.

Posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, March 31 2020 at 1:39:11PM

Things I am doing during the lockdown:

I have thousands of pages to read pending.

Watching documentaries.
There's always something new and interesting. There is more time now.

Watching videos with girls.
Same as the previous.

Petting cats.
Again, something which never goes old and I just have more time.

Things I would like to add to the schedule:

Start writing a book where I express my thoughts about every important subject.
This is going to take time, so I could just as well start now.

Write a novel with (among other themes) a Pedo subject.
It would likely have scenes that I can't post on GC. All the same, it's thought up with a lot of other interesting stuff.

Research sites outside the lamestream in order to launch a commentary page speaking about everything.
Obviously I am aiming for places without the sensibilities of Zucc, Twitter, Google / YT, and similar. Also obviously, this cannot be actually before the lockdown ends.

Things I would like to be doing but I can't:

Seeing Gunner. Going out with her.

Seeing other girls. Going out with them. [** Many girls are included here.]

Seeing some ungroomable girls. Keeping up with them. Especially right now.

The poll is: Which of these do you like best? Which of these would you think I should do more of? You can add suggestions, although I'm not certain I could do them. (For example, I want to go to bookstores for more books, but they're probably not open.)

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