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Find your local drug cartel..

Posted by jd420 on Sunday, March 29 2020 at 05:25:11AM

"...and china casts faerie fire. and crits."

All the friends are here. Sinaloa-jalisco, juarez, gulf - kind of interesting staring at the gulf and louisiana cartel, I have to bitch about the latter later, but nothing serious like the fucked-up terrorism which, y'know... makes me want to offshore you. Also, watched them move in the earlier 2000s, apparently so I wouldn't hit the wrong one.

Aaand... the not-friends. Reddit-google-facebook-wikipedia? Glow. North Baha? Glow. And of course...

...exactly what you see with the heroin that, you know, has the concentration camps, making coastal import a "you no fly" situation. Not that I expect flying...

Those who actually read my shit should be familiar with everything else there. Plus, you know, the west coast. "Not reporting on friends" usually is, well, senseless when, y'know, everything's in faerie fire.

Funny thing is, I can half-ass do this work. It's not what I want, but I've got, y'know, painful and bad dna synthesis, mapping, and replication with no restricted materials. "It's 1950 and I'm good at it."

Don't really feel skilled enough there to just hand it out to ask every monkey to do so, yet. Not really legit myself - it's sinking a million dollars in labor into the 1950s, albeit a really good 1950s, don't call myself skilled.

Don't need to. China casts faerie fire. Everything glows. It's very, very nice.

(if you need to find the rest of your local drug cartels I probably can)

Have fun with the game friends...


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