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The first GM I ever posted here 12 years ago or so

Posted by LGsouL on Saturday, March 28 2020 at 7:47:20PM

As2 LGsouL I really don't remember the GMs6 I posted. I found the first one I posted, haven't read2 it yet, but I have a feeling I may cringe a little.

Now that I have read it.

OH BOY my days at that store. The memories are... hilarious and somewhat sad. I worked with my childhood friend there, a friend who has since passed after a brutal battle with an incredibly rare and aggressive cancer. He only died a year ago, we were close friends for over two decades. Such is life, appreciate it.

Anyway, I have a vague memory of this GM specifically. Let's get into it.

Thursday, October 25 2007 at 01:23:22AM "My first Girl Chat GM!"

There are so many I want to share! I love them all! God I sound retarded! lol Anyway here is a gm hope you all like it!

So there was this 4-6 year old adorable blonde girl grabbing random video game boxes off the shelves at the place I work. Shes got this pile of games shes walking around with telling random customers about how there hers. She puts them down a sec and I grab the pile to put them back. She glares at me and tries to tell me i'm stealing her games. I told her how she needs to pay for them and she turns around and stomps off. 5 minutes later she comes to the counter and demands I give the games back. I rub her head and tell I can't do that. She continues to stare at me arms crossed with a puss on her face. God I wanted so bad to hug her! I just started making funny faces at her and she started laughing very hard and tried to imitate my faces. Eventually her mom finished her purchase and the daughter tugged on her shirt pointed to me and said, "he's funny I like him!" Her mom laughed and said thats nice and left with the girl. At the door the girl smiled and waved and I waved back.

Now heres the kicker! My assistant manager turns to me and yells jokingly, "you wanna finger fuck her!?" And i'm just like dude wtf? He goes, "well you were flirting with her." And I said, "i'm sorry little girls just love me!" He then told me it was because i'm like a big teddy bear! lol I guess personality wise I am because I am pretty jacked lol. Anyway its funny how sexuality and kids is becoming more accepted. I noticed this alot with stuff like bratz dolls and just things people say like my assistant mananger.

I was... ballsy back then. Maybe not even ballsy actually. Just more carefree. These days I would be very nervous to rub a random little girl's head, especially just as a worker in a retail store.

Actually ballsy isn't the right word, carefree is better. I started thinking too much in my twenties. It actually was a big contributor to my anxiety in my mid-twenties. I have improved significantly with that. Sometimes I feel as carefree as I did back then. This isn't the good kind of thinking either. It was essentially worry. Well... anxiety, obviously. Haha

Also, 4-6? That is such a big age gap. Easily differentiated, maybe I said that for a security reason? I don't know, I can definitely tell the difference between a four and a six year old.

Reading that though, man I do miss being that friendly to random kids. Making faces at a random kid to get them to laugh? I haven't done that in a while. Something I need to work on. This is seriously eye opening for me. This reflecting on the past stuff. I have become self-conscious about my age. I think (too much, like I said) that people will notice I am too old (I am very much not old either) to be playful with random kids. I do think that is somewhat rooted in reality, but what is the worst that can realistically happen? Nothing much. Hmm, definitely going to work on that.

My assistant manager. I haven't talked to him since I had that job. I left that job about eight months after that GM. Haven't talked to him since then I think, besides Facebook a few years after. Anyway, he was molested as a kid (actually molested) and that is why I think he would make crude sexual jokes about me and little girls. I learned that while working there when we had like a "deep" moment among co-workers. I don't know why I found that... funny back then. I let people treat me too poorly, that is one area I have improved significantly in. People no longer feel they can just say whatever they can to me like back then. I carry myself differently. Hmm, good job me. lol

Full disclosure. I was, in fact, NOT jacked back then. I was fat. I was lying here for whatever reason. I got in shape during the AK47 days. That's when I had the six pack. I have lost that glorious bod, but am working back toward it. With more muscle this time. Q insists as well.

Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane. Until next time.

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