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quit the shit, YT.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 28 2020 at 04:45:10AM

Really, Youtube? Come on, man.

Eat's Corona Time questions!

Does Youtube reek of dramatized global throttling right now?

Or is it just me?

We need another tech-goto site like the ones for if a site is down...

"Are they just throttling me, or everybody, and is it possible grandstanding political bullshit in comparison to their actual load capacity, presumably made endlessly accomodating with merely a small portion of capital gains by their parent company, funds which could run a medium-size nation safely just from summa those usual freedom-from-international-financial-laws-countries, yanno, like summa the usual suspected 'Leached-In' or 'Kay, Man'quarters?" Come on, man... tall order but why would anyone believe this slow-down drama from the top?

Somebody smart needs to make that web-based utility thing there. Trade secrets prolly an obstale for discovering load capacity, but dammit get to it, apolitical truth folk of all stripe. Do you believe in magic, in a young girl's eye? Well I fucking do *shrug* The real kind.

Checks on big tech? Might currently be the most crucial thing for anyone who hates the idea of tyrrany.

Youtube slowed! What a tragedy.

20- goto 10 (10 was my flashing sentence aboot throttling's potential use as a political tool, creating the very need to know truthful capacity capabilities of major social media sites, at least by the leader of the country, whoever that is in times of shameless power struggles.

What I am saying to techies.. I just don't remember how to make things flash.
-Rip van Programmer

(Legal content question) Also, somebody please finally memo me in chat with who that little bleach blond with the nearly black brown eyes is. If she almost looks like a space alien in one instance, then shirley you must know her name and have chat access here? I want to find her place of photos and then not comment for the sake of fear with no particular basis. (There's a few of these beauties out there in the wild... I don't believe her to be one of the more likely. She's at a table in one. She is striking in the photo just for how alien...

There is zero lude about her. Just, please, give me a name too follow. I've loved her for a year and don't know her name nor origin.

• ( https link ) fuck your apparently soulless accompliced employees

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