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The Beach Boys' "Little Miss America"

Posted by DanielRumanos on Wednesday, March 25 2020 at 06:22:34AM

[Text from Mo Ibrahim's "The Allure of Nymphets" blog. The actual song is at ]

"Little Girl (You're My Miss America)" is a song on the The Beach Boys' album Surfin' Safari (1962). Here are some of the lyrics:

Little girl just in your teens

(you're my Miss America)

Little girl you're in my dreams

(you're my Miss America)

You're so sweet, you're so fine

Dear won't you be mine

Everybody knows it

Blue eyes, blond hair

Lips like a movie star

The Wikipedia entry for the song correctly but, a bit, misleadingly states "'Little Girl' is a simple song about a teenager's infatuation with a girl."

The song was co-written by Vincent Catalano who was in his mid-twenties when the song was released. Dennis Wilson was a mere eighteen-years-old when the song was released, but an analysis of the song reveals that the "Little Girl" was "just in" her teens, which implies that the "sweet" and "fine" nymphet with "Blue eyes, Blond hair [&] Lips like a movie star" was just shy of being twelve-years-old.

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