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Boomer Remover

Posted by sadlife on Tuesday, March 24 2020 at 0:53:54PM

A designed weapon to clean the planet and boost the economy (advance progress) by clearing out the dead weight retirees and current stodgy administration. I get that. Maybe it was even designed by God.

What the fuck happened to the hippie generation? Have you all settled for Netflix and a recliner? Scream like you used to you lazy bastards!

The human experiment may no longer need empathy and compassion. Take whatever you want might be the new rule

There are kids that miss me, text and FaceTime me daily and want to be back on my team. Some I’ve known since birth, some for only a couple months. I have value to them.

Peace, Love, Dope
Turn on, Tune in, Drop out

Fuck and suck


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