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Now I now why you're always encouraging

Posted by Stahntii on Wednesday, November 18 2009 at 11:18:18AM
In reply to 300 lbs. One repetition. posted by Trucker on Wednesday, November 18 2009 at 10:09:56AM

everyone on here to "Hit the Gym". It's because you want us to not fit the physical stereotype of us. And that's a noble gesture, I will say. But I really think that the stereotype already does not hold up, regardless of whether we work at gettin "cut and buff". I think there are plenty of non-skinny non-slimy non-introverted non-creepy pedos out there. But people just like to picture the worst. Heck, if most pedo's were muscular, we might, by now, have cops wearing robocop-like suits in everyday patrolling.

Nevertheless, I do hope that us pedo's will try and stay healthy, even if it doesn't mean hitting the gym. Maybe it could be some other form of exercise/fun/sport/hobby, along with a general good diet. I really think most of us should be trying to stay healthy. But I certainly understand that it's hard for many of us to do that, since many of us are killing ourselves slowly, due to the oppressed life we have to live. Many of us, I think, endulge in unhealthy diets/habits, since life is quite hard for us (we aren't allowed to be ourselves). But I understand not all of us do this. But I for one, do, and too often. We've become like "gluttons for punishment". Oppression is punishment. So over time we begin needing, to a degree, a sense of suffering. It's too bad suffering is necessary in life. I think it always was and always will be. There may be no way out of it.

Oh well.

Later, Muthu-Trucku

And keep in mind that the best Stahntii (I'm apparantly speaking in the second person. Not something Stahntii - there I go again - usually has done. But times change and people change) has ever done on the bench, was 315 for two reps.
So then;
Let's go!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Get it up!
Get it up!
Push it!
Come on!
Get mad!
...........and everything else they say to motivate someone "maxing out".


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