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Posted by Febri-chan on Saturday, April 26 2008 at 03:14:34AM

...perhaps it seems like I've been spending a lot of time here lately.
It's true, I have been online and at GC quite a bit, but there's a reason for it.

Every life has a meaning and a purpose.
I believe that we all have a duty to fulfill in this world before we have a right to pass to the next.
My life is not meaningless, neither is your's, neither, indeed, are those of the antis.
There is a purpose for every soul.

I have recently discovered what my own purpose is and I intend to pursue it.
There is a dream in my heart that I believe in and that I think is worth realizing.
This is my purpose, what gives my life weight.

It waits for me to find it, and I am going away to find it indeed.

I made a promise to myself that after this Alice Day, I would spend only a bare minimum online.
There is so much that my healthy body can be used for: helping others, serving children, writing, reading, art.
My life is not meaningless anymore.

I have people in it who trust me, and depend on me.
There are adults and children in my life who think the world of me who I have no right to let down.
They are the world to me.

I've made this decision, if the day comes that paedophiles worldwide are finally given the chance, I cannot be part of the movement.
I am a paedophile, that will never change, but there are so many other, bigger things to be: charitable, loving, generous, studious.
I can't let any more time go by misused.

However, I am still a paedophile, and if we are ever given a chance, I will support the movement indirectly.
I will defend child-love and child-lovers until the day I die, as I always have.
But no longer as one from the inside.

Please, don't think that I mean to "bust a Todd."
GC is the best place to be found online.
GC is home to some of the strongest, most knowledgeable, and wise minds on all the Internet and one could do much, much worse than post here.
(Whether they're a pedo or not!!!)

But I owe my time to too many right now while I still have the "vigour of youth" to spend online.

I do have a single suggestion though before I go.
Has anyone ever considered trying the avenue of the American Friends Service Commitee for support for the movement?
The AFSC is a Quaker group who has been on the frontlines of many civil rights appeals.
Actually, they're kind of like what the ACLU would look like if it were run by [practicing] Christians.
Don't be put off so quickly though, they have a reputation for open-mindedness and patience and they feel they are accountable to a higher power (unlike the totally unaccountable ACLU [we all know where we stand with them]) to act in a manner of justice.
They are a small group, but it has been noted by observers that their influence is disproportionate to their numbers.
In any case, I actually think that the AFSC was the organisation that brandstrom   was with.
The way he described its workings immediately made me think AFSC.
Just a suggestion.

Anyway, this is not "good bye forever" by any means (I still have to see the day when Todd comes back).
But I do intend to spend a noticeably smaller amount of time online.

Forgive my selfishness and I beg the pardon of any whom I may have offended here at any time.

Well, so long!
Much love in or out of Christ!



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