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Open letter to our haters !

Posted by cody on Friday, January 25 2008 at 9:05:45PM

You attack us with your hate and judgement but never listen to how we feel. Your scare tactics and lies spread like a disease but what does it really accomplish ?? You try to convict us of our thoughts, feelings, and for just being who we are but when has anyone ever been able to censor love ? You control your children and make them drink the Kool Aid of your repressiveness and hateful misrepresentation of the truth... I am a Girl Lover and that will never change... Children love to be cuddled, shown affection, and loved from us and there is nothing that you can do about that... Children are sexual no matter how you try to twist and bend the facts... they always have been.. they are not robots your can direct to act how you would like them to.. They have opinions, wants, and a voice...You preach nothing but hate and violence.. you are more intolerant than the right wing Christians are against the Gay community or The KKK is against blacks.. You are worse than Hitler yet you try to justify your hate by saying you protect the "innocent victims"... Children are victims, You are right there but you people are the perpetrators.. You take away their choices, their desires...In which damages their souls and development..

I will have you know that we will not go away.. we will fight for our rights and for the children that want to be loved not controlled... You use your fancy words like "Grooming" "Manipulating" and more.. but what power do you have... you cannot censor our freedom of speech.. You cannot stop our movement and you definitely cannot criminalize our love...We are greater in numbers than you think.. we are smart, gifted men and women who will fight to the end....We are good , caring people that love little girls no matter what way you try to spin it, If you will not understand us... Then I guess this is War.. Because I can only speak for myself.. but This is my life"s work.. To free everyone sexually and allow all of us to love who we want....Expose people all you want and try your pathetic sting operations and cracker jack box activism...Our love will never be defeated.


GLer and Fighter !!!

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