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I'm in a very foul mood today, and...

Posted by Febri-chan on Thursday, January 17 2008 at 02:57:03AM about to say something that I only half mean which may come off as heartless, cruel and just down-right mean.
But to all you "victims" out there, to you "survivors" and (hah!) "thrivers":
Get over it.

You think you've suffered pains and sadness in your lives? Gimme a break!
There are people who "survive" far worse than you could dream of and they really survive and truly "thrive".

Before you simpering little bitches come to me with your little sob stories think about all the people in the world who have led genuinely difficult lives, not these modern-aged, over coddled, Western-hedonist pathetic simps who have to invent shit to bitch about.
Again I say this and I'm in no mood to censor myself today or sugar-coat this:
Just get over it already.


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