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Let me say right now

Posted by Trucker on Sunday, December 30 2007 at 1:32:05PM
In reply to I agree posted by Siva on Sunday, December 30 2007 at 06:12:55AM

If I have ever offended you in the past, then I SINCERELY apologize (shitting myself here)! Just kidding (sort of)!

But the reason why AZ and PJ won't post THEIR addresses or show their faces is because they'd have a big-rig through their homes the next day. There are plenty of truckers who'd love to tie those guys on both ends to the DOT bumpers and hit 10th gear. And nobody would ever find them again. I discovered that truckers can be like that if needed.

Plus we are anonymous. Just like us truckers, us pedophiles could be anyone, anywhere, and at anytime walking right past those guys on the street. The majority of us are NOT on the internet, so while they're slinging feces at our little board they're completely ignorant of the real gorillas surrounding them.

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