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Posted by albertRoss on Friday, April 13 2007 at 08:37:23AM
In reply to Steve sentenced to 85 years posted by Norbert on Friday, April 13 2007 at 07:43:05AM

as far as i can tell most (maybe all) of the footage used in the prosecution was presented on steve's site, and is still available for your comparison in norbert's archive of his work. here you have an opportunity to compare what the media is screaming about - the 'jaws' clip and the 'still in love with you' clip are there for sure, and i'm pretty sure some of the shower scene.

watch out, i guess - maybe just researching this is likely to get you a similar sentence - but man... for five years they've had six hundred and seven cp charges on the books against him, and in the end all they can show is one joke (jaws) one soppy love tribute (still in love) one non sexual nude scene (the shower) and two others that weren't even serious enough to talk about?

these people are in the business of manufacturing monsters.

lookit - steve is as crazy as i am - maybe even crazier - and he definitely called this down on himself, played straight (and i think deliberately) into their hands, so i'm not feeling sorry for him - maybe steve just doesn't know the meaning of fear, but he still gets hero status in my book.

i wonder how many years i'm gonna get for my leticia santos tribute...

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