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As You See fit?

Posted by 28 on Thursday, August 03 2006 at 08:21:09AM
In reply to Re: THIS is why I cashed the check! posted by Todd on Wednesday, August 02 2006 at 10:34:42PM

Hi Todd,

I understand the position you find yourself in and realize that it is not very comfortable. You are clearly frustrated by the fact that a small token of our love, and genuine concern for children has been rejected by one of the most recognizable children's charities in the world. It is also clear to me that you feel somewhat estranged by this community. I think it is, at least partly, because of these two factors, you write the following:

"I am the one who put my ass on the line for this. Lindsay is out of country and everyone else is anonymous. That means I am solely responsible for the money that was sent in, which, in my mind, gives me the right to adopt an alternate plan as needed. I have done just that-- the monies will be used as I see fit. End of discussion."

Well, it is not really the "end of discussion", is it? I think those of us who donated, myself included, have a right to know where our money will be spent and how it will do what we intended it to do when we sent it in; e.g. how it will be used to benefit needy children.

Look Todd, I know you are frustrated and frankly, I don't blame you. You are right when you point out that you and you alone took the risk, while the rest of us are either anonymous, out of the country, or both. Yet, don't you think those of us who made donations in good faith have a right to know where the money ends up? I do.


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