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Just because we are not currently accepted...

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, August 03 2006 at 0:40:45PM
In reply to THIS is why I cashed the check! posted by Todd on Wednesday, August 02 2006 at 2:17:18PM

...does not mean that we should shy away from activism. I don't think suddenly switching to the anti side of the equation is beneficial to us at all. I understand that we are not accepted right now. But that in no way makes me fearful of being pro-choice. I am not going to turn my back on what I truly believe to be the correct stance simply because society at large is not yet ready to accept it. I don't believe that antis are allies in any way, shape, or form. All they do is SET US BACK by trying to stop us from moving forward. I agree that you HAVE done a lot for the community, Todd. But since you shied away from the pro side just to make your image better and started calling all of us "immature" over and over again, I think this has effectively put a stop to the good you did for this community. That is just the way I feel. I am NOT going to be cowed into the non-choice side because of the bigotry displayed by this particular charitable organization, and I am NOT going to ally myself with non-choicers who seek a continuation (for the most part) of the unacceptable way that things are now. I disagree that we are going to make ourselves look good by all becoming antis.

It's my personal opinion that the more we hate ourselves and doubt ourselves and our right to be what we are--especially if these laws continue as they are--the more society is going to continue to hate us in kind. If we agree with society that it's horrible to allow us to have relationships with youths, and if we continue to portray the attitude that youths are as helpless as the antis claim, then we are betraying the essence of what nature intended us to be as well as betraying the youths that we love for the sake of expedience.

I am NOT going to let the doubts of the world become MY doubts, as you did.


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