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Parents stereotypes on male childcare providers...

Posted by emovocals on Monday, February 13 2006 at 3:50:30PM

As most you know. I am a Nanny. I was recently dismissed from a position because I could perfrom my "duties" satisfactorily.

It would seem that most parents won't even consider a male to care for their children. It would seem that any man who shows interest in domestic duties or children has to be either homosexual or pedosexual, and they almost always have alterior motives.

Hah Hah. I Scoff at you twice american. Scoff Scoff. Lol.

People can be so stupid. I was offered tso postions today and both have all little girls. One says that she Applaudes my boldness because it rare to find male nanny.

Well just thought I rant and rave people's ignorance


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