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Posted by Abraxas on Sunday, February 29 2004 at 09:39:47AM
In reply to Re: Fact vs. Fiction posted by itinerant giggles on Sunday, February 29 2004 at 02:27:40AM

"it's irresponsible for you to suggest that you are privy to or can predict the private conduct of its members in general."

I did no such thing. I wrote for NAMBLA as an organization, and what it stands for, and against. Individuals are just that: individuals, and the organization should not be held liable for the actions of individual members. Just as if someone who posts here regularly would go off and commit a horrendous crime, GC should not be held responsible. We do not preach violence, rape, or kidnapping here; nor does NAMBLA do such.

"you are all-too-ready to believe your own press agent.

I believe what I know about NAMBLA and the many members I knew in my days related to the organization, and the former members I still know. Those facts do not change.

You seem to feel personally attacked for some reason. That is not my intention. I merely state facts vs. fiction as I see the case. I ask questions.


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